Sewer fittings



This lobe of products is intended for closing of openings by which is approached to water conduits, sewing, telecommunication, and gas nets, atmosphere sewage, and other purposes for closing of openings. Products are made from gray and ductile iron upon customer requests.

manhole cover, underground telephone cable conduit

canal cover and frame

manhole cover – double, circular, for sidewalks, with double locking and rectangular frame

canal cover and frame

manhole cover – circular, with circular frame

drain cover

rectangular, for roadways, with circular opening and wide frame

sewage greed and frame

pit hydrant cover – with eliptic opening

gate valve cover, circular

cover for street valves and warterwork taps

cover for street locks in gas pipeline

courtyard drain grating – square

cast iron steps

non-return flap ventil

gibault joints – tip B, C, D